Welcome to Dr. Robban Toleno, Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese Buddhism

We are pleased to announce that Robban Toleno, Sheng Yen Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese Buddhism, will join the Department this fall, continuing through 2018. Dr. Toleno researches the premodern history of Chinese religion and society, with emphasis on food and nourishment in Chinese Buddhism, Buddhist involvement in Chinese medicine, and the history of Buddhist leishu (encyclopedias). He received his PhD from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and holds a masters degree in ecological anthropology. He will teach a course in the Religion Department in Spring 2017.  Dr. Toleno is the inaugural Sheng Yen Postdoctoral Fellow made possible by a ten-year gift generously granted to the Center for Buddhism and East Asian Religions (C-BEAR) from the Sheng Yen Education Foundation.