Zachary Domach

Zachary Domach is a PhD student (Late Antique Christianity) in the Department of Religion at Columbia University. His broad research interests concern the connections between early Christianity and the late Roman Empire. He is intrigued by the transmission and reception of the classical tradition among Christians, particularly in areas of wisdom literature, education, and law. He has also excavated at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods (Samothrace, Greece) and Hadrian’s Villa (Tivoli, Italy). Zachary was named a 2012 Beinecke Scholar and awarded the George and Apphia Woodruffe Scholarship in Theology by the University of Oxford. He holds a BA/MA with Highest Honors in Classics & History and in Music (2013) from Emory University, a MSt in Theology (2014) from the University of Oxford, and a MA in Religion (2015) and an Advanced Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (2016) from Columbia University.