Connor Martini

Connor Martini

Research Interest


M.A., Religion, Columbia University, 2019
B.A., Religion and Art History, Vassar College, 2014


Connor Martini is an PhD student in North American Religions at Columbia University. Connor graduated from Vassar College in 2014 with a BA in Religion and a correlate in Art History. He completed his MA in Religion at Columbia in 2019. In his undergraduate research, Connor addressed representations and classifications of religion in popular American science fiction and the exchanges between visions of possible futures, contemporary America, and the people who create both. His graduate work has focused on American apocalypticism and eschatology, what kinds of catastrophic futures are being imagined and how those imaginations are produced, and how those imaginations can affect the course of everyday life. His MA research explored these questions through an examination of Christian survivalism and doomsday prepping and the material worlds created through such practices. In his doctoral work, Connor plans to consider similar questions in light of different futures and different practices, focusing on religion and climate change, likely with a few doomsday preppers thrown in for good measure.