Guy T. St. Amant

Guy T. St. Amant

Research Interest


Guy St. Amant is PhD candidate working on the religious and intellectual history of premodern South Asia.

His dissertation project reconstructs the historical development of arguments related to the justification of scriptural authority during the period that begins with the sixth century and ends with the thirteenth. This period is of importance as it witnessed the rapid expansion of epistemological and tantric text-traditions across religious groups. The project argues that epistemological engagement between Buddhists, Mīmāṃsakas, Śaivas, and others transformed standards of scriptural authority and informed the development of new scriptures as well as the exegetical strategies used to explain them. This dissertation illuminates further our understanding of these developments by interpreting approaches to scriptural authority and their influence on scripture within the broader field of cultural production within which they developed.

Guy received his B.A. from Cambridge University and his M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.