Journalism-Religion Dual M.S.-M.A. Program

This special program enables a small number of qualified candidates to receive two master's degrees, one from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism (M.S.) and the other from the Department of Religion (M.A.), in two years of study.

Candidates must apply simultaneously for both the Journalism School and the Religion Department by expressing their intention to pursue the dual program. Admitted students complete the Journalism program (One year degree program) in their first year. They must successfully complete J6002y, section 8 (Covering Religion), whose 6 credits are to be applied for their completion of the M.A. in Religion in their second year. If section 8 is oversubscribed or is not offered in a particular year, the faculty of Journalism and Religion will designate an alternate section under J6002 for students to fulfill their requirements. For the general requirements for the Journalism degree, see the web page. For additional information about this program see


In the second year, students will concentrate in the program in the Department of Religion. Students must complete one of two graduate core courses successfully: Theory and method in the study of religion I or II (GR6101) and GR6102).

To apply

Candidates must fill out applications for each program separately. The deadline for both the Department of Religion and the School of Journalism is December 15. Click here to apply online to the Department of Religion. Be sure to indicate your interest in the Journalism-Religion Dual MS-MA Program by choosing Religion/Journalism (RELJ) as your subfield. Click here to apply for the Religion MA component of the dual degree program.

Candidates interested in this program may contact the admissions office  ( at the School of Journalism and  at the Department of Religion.