Prof. Katherine Ewing receives three grants

Prof. Ewing has received an International Collaboration Research Grant  from the Global Religion Research Initiative (GRRI) of the Center for the Study of Religion and Society (CSRS) at the University of Notre Dame (funded by the Templeton Religion Trust) for the project "Life History and Mémographie: Encountering socio-religious change in Senegal."  Prof. Ewing will be collaborating with Professor Mame-Penda Ba and other faculty at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis,Senegal.

Prof. Ewing also received a grant from the Alliance Joint Projects Program to hold a conference in Senegal that will bring together researchers on the project "Sufis, Salafis, and the Public Square: Historical Memory, Everyday Life, and Religious Change in Northwest Africa," to discuss the results of our research with colleagues from France and Senegal.

Prof. Ewing also received a third grant, also from the Alliance Joint Projects Program, for the conference “Populism in America and the Middle East: Ethical and Religious Dimensions.” which will allow French collaborators to participate in IRCPL's series on Populism.