Yanchen Liu

Yanchen Liu

Yanchen Liu is a Ph.D. candidate (Medieval Christianity) in the Department of Religion at Columbia University. His interest centers on the Romano-canonical judicial thinking and legal-commentarial literature in the High Middle Ages. His research investigates the glosses to thirteenth-century canonical texts, especially Bernard of Parma’s Glossa ordinaria to the Decretales of Pope Gregory IX, on the religious-legal issues around people living on the boundary of medieval Christianity – apostates, converts, heretics, Jews, magicians, Muslims, pagans, etc. Having worked as an electronic research assistant at the Digital Humanities Center of the Columbia University Libraries during 2017-2019, he is also interested in Digital Humanities, especially the digital cataloging and editing of Medieval Latin manuscripts. He has been awarded the 2018-2019 Vatican Film Library Mellon Fellowship and the 2019-2020 Mellon Humanities International Travel Fellowship for his dissertation research.

Dissertation Title:

Investigating the Margins: Bernard of Parma’s Glossa ordinaria on Religious Marginality in the High Middle Ages

Research Interests:

Canon Law


Medieval Latin Manuscripts and Paleography

Religious Marginality

Digital Humanities


M.Phil. – Religion, Columbia University, 2019

M.A. – Religion, Columbia University, 2015

B.L. – Sociology, Minzu University of China, 2013