Nathan Blackwell

Nathan Blackwell

Research Interest


MA: Religion, Drew University, 2022
BFA: University of Colorado, 2013



Nathan is Diné (Navajo): tsé'níjíkiní dóó bilagáana báshíshchíín. He is a PhD Student focused in Critical Indigenous and Native Studies, constructions of race and religion, settler-colonialism, and ends-of-the-worlds. His research delves into Diné historical traditions of emergence and ends-of-worlds, tales of Ma'ii and other Coyote narratives, and the convergences of settler imperialism and climate catastrophe as the possibility of new world endings and beginnings. Through critical theory and Indigenous philosophical systems, archival research, and speculative epistemologies he investigates questions of Indigenous being and futures, Native sovereignty and belonging, and anti-colonial practices.

Prior to coming to Columbia, Nathan completed an MA in Religion at Drew University with an emphasis in Indigenous Hermeneutics of Biblical Studies. He has a BFA in Dance and Performance from the University of Colorado-Boulder.