Course Number Key

The Department of Religion offers undergraduate and graduate courses organized into five zones of inquiry: Time, Transmission, Space, Body and Media.

The first digit of the course number indicates the level. The second digit of the course number indicates the zone of inquiry.


  • UN: courses numbered 1000-3999 are for undergraduate students only
  • GU: courses numbered 4000-4999 are seminars open to both undergraduate and graduate students
  • GR: courses numbered 5000-9999 are for graduate students only


  • 1000-level: Gateway lecture
  • 2000-level: Introductory and "traditions" lecture
  • 3000-level: Intermediate lecture or undergraduate seminar
  • 4000-level: Seminar
  • 6000-level: Graduate seminar
  • 8000-level: Advanced graduate seminar
  • 9000-level: Graduate independent study

Zones of Inquiry

  • x200-299: Time
  • x300-399: Transmission
  • x400-499: Space
  • x500-599: Body
  • x600-699: Media